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Public Boats & Boat Charter from Lombok to Gili Air

Airport Transfer

from Lombok Airport


at Lombok

Shuttle Bus

from Lombok or Bali



The main harbour to Gili Air is Bangsal. That is the harbour where the public transport depart.

Teluk Nare

This is the main harbour for private speed boat charters.

Sengiggi Beach

Some speed boat operators from Bali offer to travel on the section from Senggigi to Gili Air. The ticket prices are around 200,000 IDR / person.

Ombak Ble

This is the main harbour to transport building material. However, in bad weather conditions, the public boat will cross to this harbour instead of Bangsal as this is the shortest boat connection. There is no public road to this harbour!


Bangsal Harbour is the main harbour to cross to Gili Islands. It is located in the west north side of Lombok. You have the option to join a public speed or slow boat or charter a private boat. Unfortunately, Bangsal does not have the best reputation. There are some dodgy characters who try to sell overpriced tickets, services or goods. Our tip, ignore these people and buy your tickets at the official ticket counter. This is for Gili Air on the right near the beach. The speed boat ticket counter is centrally located near the pier. Outside normal business hours, we would avoid this harbour and prefer to charter a speed boat from Teluk Nara.

Public Boat

from Bangsal

19,500 IDR/person

Operation hours: 08.00 – 16.30

No fixed time table

The boat departs when 30 tickets were sold

The boats are also filled up with goods and daily needs.

They can be overloaded! And risky in bad weather conditions.

Public Speed Boat

from Bangsal

85,000 IDR/person

Departure Time: 10:30 / 11:30, 13:00 / 15:30 / 16:30

Departure time and frequency is seasonal

Comfortable crossing to Gili Air

Not operating in case of bad weather condition!

Boat Charter

from Bangsal

360,000 IDR/boat

Operation hours: 08:00 – 16:30

The price also depends on the number of passengers

The price outside the operation hours must be negotiated with boat captain directly

Speed Boat Charter

from Bangsal


The price depend on number of passengers, depature time, season and weather!

Teluk Nare harbour is properly the better choice to charter a speed boat.


Teluk Nare and Teluk Kodek, which is only a few meters away, are the main ports for speed boat or boat charters. You can book your boat in advance or negotiate the price on the spot with on of the boat captains. The price for speed boat charter starts at around 400,000 IDR/boat. We recommend to book your boat in advance with our partner Rocksteady. We are happy to arrange it for you, just contact us.


From Lombok Airport (LOP) / Praya The service includes: An air-conditioned private car with English-speaking driver from Lombok airport to the harbour Teluk Nare, private speedboat von Teluk Nare to Gili Air and a horse cart (CIDOMO) to your accommodation.

Why should you use private transfer service?


For complete peace of mind we’ll take care of everything!

Meet & Greet

Our driver will be waiting to meet you no matter what happens!

Great Value

Enjoy a high-quality transfer for a fair price!

No queues, no delays

We’ll get you to your destination quickly

What is included in the service?

Private Car

with English speaking driver

Private Speed Boat

From Teluk Nare to Gili Air

Horse Cart

To your accommodation

How much does it cost?

The price starts at 900,000 IDR for two passengers. If you travel as a group or arrive after 5 pm at the airport, a surcharge will apply. Please contact us for more information.


Our driver waits on the way to the parking area. He holds a sign with your name.


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